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The Author Insider | Michael K. Reynolds

How about a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the publishing world and the life of a writer? Want to be eligible to win special prizes and to get Insider-only news and exclusive writing excerpts?

You’ll get this and more when you sign up to be an Author Insider. And as one of my “Inner Circle” you’ll be among the first to review book cover drafts and to hear about early reviews and awards.

We’ll also be serving up all things Irish, with old country recipes, little known historical facts and you’ll  get secret insights into how characters and plots in the series were formed.

All you have to do is fill out the short form below and you’ll be part of a select group to join me on the pathway to launching the Heirs of Ireland series.

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3 Responses to The Author Insider | Michael K. Reynolds

  1. following NB & as @_eHope on twitter..

  2. lisa johnson says:

    Following via FB, Twitter and email!

  3. “The Author Insider | Michael K. Reynolds | Michael K.

    Reynolds” was really enjoyable and informative!
    Within todays society that’s really difficult to do.
    Thanks a lot, Ashleigh

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