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Bio: Michael is the producer of the Emmy and Telly Award Winning documentary called Crystal Darkness which so far has been viewed by more than 10 million people. Michael is also a writer of Christian non-fiction and fiction and is currently completing a book titled, The Fruit-Filled Tree: How to Grow An Eternally Successful Business. He is also working on a non-fiction on the topic of Christian application of Social Networking and a three book historical fiction series based on 1840's Ireland, New York and the American West. Michael Reynolds, is also the owner of Global Studio, an advertising and marketing agency. Global Studio provides a wide array of services including marketing consulting, corporate imaging, graphic design, advertising, social media, video production and specializes in web development. They have clients throughout the nation. Michael is an Area Leader for FCCI and serves as chair of the local Salvation Army Advisory Board. He is active in both men's and marriage ministry and is married to Debbie and has three beautiful girls.

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    The Question Google Should Never Be Asked

    November 10th, 2014

    We live in an unbelievable age. One where seemingly every question can be answered by the mere tapping of our fingertips.

    QuestionWith their cell phones our youth now have more computing power in their hands than global super computers had when many of us were growing up.

    As a historical novelist I can’t even imagine how much more difficult my predecessors had it in conducting basic research prior to conveniences provided by the Internet.

    Want to know how to repair a leaking sink? Google it. Interested in learning how to dance the two-step? Google it. Solve a math equation? Win a trivia bet? Prune a tree? Google it. Google it. Google it.


    God Healed The Dishwasher

    October 14th, 2014

    My freshly road-licensed daughter who is a brilliant, burgeoning scientist decided to conduct an experiment with physics.

    DishwasherIf you were curious to know as apparently she was…it’s true…a car going zero miles an hour in front of you is completely capable of stopping your car.. even if your cool ride is say…going 30 miles an hour.

    There will be some squishery on the front of the car. And it may leak like a frightened puppy on the road with Las Vegas’y water sprinkling shows as well. There is so much to be learned.


    How An Idiot Almost Died On Mount Whitney

    October 7th, 2014

    I almost died on Mount Whitney.


    It’s the tallest peak in the Continental United States at 14,505 feet and the trail to the summit offers a spectacular ascent through Sierra Nevada grandeur. Majestic granite cathedrals rise to the sky as you traverse through scenery alternating with fern-strewn pathways and monstrous boulders scattered just as marbles shot by God’s fingers.

    I was on assignment, working an outdoor story for the newspaper I was writing for at the time. My friends and I woke at 3 a.m. to set out early after only arriving at our motel room the night before at midnight. It didn’t matter. We were all as fit as mountain goats and wanted to throw our youth at the Behemoth that stood in the way of our triumph.


    The Heavenly Secret To Godly Abs

    September 27th, 2014

    Are you fit to serve God?

    walk-jDo you have what it takes to do heavy lifting for the Kingdom? To make an impact in the lives of others? To lead a life worthy of someday hearing “Well done my faithful servant?”

    Or should you even care?

    Well…yes. At least according to David in his Psalms:

    11 One thing God has spoken,
        two things I have heard:
    “Power belongs to you, God,
    12     and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”;
    and, “You reward everyone
        according to what they have done.”
    Psalm 62:11-12

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    What God Hates Most of All

    September 18th, 2014

    I truly believe God gave us children and pets so we could better understand His relationship with us.

    There was a time when I would rise in the middle of the night and seemingly without fail would trip on one of my kid’s toys. Hopping on one foot, I struggled to keep my mouth from uttering what my mind was wanting to spurt out.

    With my children older now there are no more squeaking ducks, red wagons and princess crowns.

    And I miss those days.


    Do Muscles Make You Weak?

    August 16th, 2014

    Who wants to be weak?

    We work out. Lift weights. Stick up for ourselves. Strive to be healthy. Lift ourselves up from our own bootstraps. Develop skills. Get educated. Labor like crazy to build up our financial portfolios, advance our careers and improve our standing in the world.

    So what’s wrong with this?

    Nothing, of course. Unless in the process of getting stronger, we forget the source of all strength.

    During the time of Habakkuk (one of the most neglected books of the Bible), the Babylonians were considered by far the most favored nation of their age. They were a people of tremendous wealth, culture and military might.

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    The Evil of Applesauce?

    August 10th, 2014

    Most Christians understand the concept of Good versus Evil. The story of Adam and Eve was one we easily grasped even in our early days of Sunday School.

    The lesson was simple: You trust the serpent over God and you’re going to suffer. The image of Eve biting into that apple in defiance of her Maker is almost self-evident in its meaning.

    For most of us Believers, the concept of avoiding “big sins” is elementary enough for us to grasp.


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    The Healing Power of Rain

    August 5th, 2014

    I fought the lawn and the lawn won.

    This is a popular refrain of mine each Summer as I engage in my annually recurring epic battle of man versus blade in my yard.

    If you really want to see my beloved wife do a full eye roll, you merely need to ask her about my lawn.

    “Oh dear, don’t get me started,” you might hear her say.

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    A Difficult Bend in the Road

    July 25th, 2014

    One year ago I stared in the eyes of the one of the darkest periods of my life.

    It was the perfect storm of financial, career and family crisis. It had been years in the making. An enemy lurking on the horizon.

    Many issues that had been delayed, postponed and dealt with for too long with eyes closed hoping they would go away rose to the forefront and demanded to be confronted.

    The skies were falling and the bleakness of hopelessness was as thick as coastal fog.


    Like Crack For Christians

    March 5th, 2014

    It’s like crack for Christians.

    When I produced my series of anti-meth documentaries called Crystal Darkness years ago I interviewed literally hundreds of recovering and current addicts. These were people who had allowed the drug to take them to the lowest of lows.

    I spoke to men who had murdered others, boys who traded their bodies on the street and women who had sold their children to molesters to pay for their next fix. Yes…that depth of evil. In many instances these were people who were raised in good homes, were 4.0 students and productive members of society. The fall came quick.